Taught early 16th century German garb in Isenfir

The German Garb class down in Isenfir was a great success today. It was my first time teaching German garb to a large number of folks (maybe 15?) for as long as I wanted. I think I have some converts for the style, especially since calf-length dresses would be very appealing to people running an event. The reason for the class was to help the Gemütlichplatz event staff to wear more German garb next year.

How long can I talk about garb from the 1520s? Two hours without a break. Amazing. I got lots of good questions and as always, learned some stuff myself. Folks were pointing out items I never noticed before, as many times as I had looked at the woodcuts. I can’t wait to go to Gemütlichplatz next year to see everyone in German garb. Mistress Sophia Kress would have been proud.

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2 Responses to Taught early 16th century German garb in Isenfir

  1. Matt Garland (Brynjolf) says:

    Time flies! Some of us are starting to assemble outfits for the event based on your class. 🙂

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