•  Award of Arms (November 2003) – Kingdom of Atlantia
  • Companion of Saint Roch (November 2003) – Barony of Stierbach service award
  • Member of the Order of the Pearl (November 2009) – Kingdom of Atlantia A&S GoA
  • Award of the Silver Compass (November 2010) – Barony of Stierbach A&S award
  • Silver Nautilus (February 2012) – Kingdom of Atlantia A&S
  • Companion of the Order of the Opal (June 2012) – Kingdom of Atlantia service award

This is a  very small sample of A&S competitions that I’ve entered. I need to look at my notes to get a full list. Again, this is mostly for my own benefit to help me remember a decade worth of competitions. It may be folly to try to make this list, but I’m going to give it the old college try.

  • Elizabethan Sweet Bag, Chalice of the Sun Gods 2008
  • Kingdom of Atlantia Kingdom Arts & Sciences Festival, Persona Pentathlon 2009
  • Snake Coif, Chalice of the Sun Gods 2010
  • Barbette & Fillet from the Manesse Codex – Tempore Atlantia – Autumn Crown Tourney 2010 – (won Best in Show)
  • Silver Hat Badge – Best Use of Gem Competition – Sapphire Joust 2011
  • Elizabethan Partlet – Chalice of the Sun Gods 2011 (won First Place)
  • Highland River Melees 2012 – Elizabethan Sewing Kit
  • Bright Hills Baronial Birthday 2013 – German Capelets, won Best Dressed Persona at Bright Hills Baronial Birthday 2013
  • Pennsic 2013 – German Capelets/Purses
  • Fall Coronation 2013 – Doll with heraldry
  • Defending the Gate 2016 – Grimm’s Fairy tales – Little Red Cap (A German split-brimmed hat) – Won the Queen’s Choice prize.
  • Stierbach Baronial Birthday 2016 – Hat Contest. Won with my German platter hat.


    This is so cute but I’ve never worn it!

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