1520s Orange Augsburg Dress

October 2011

This dress was the first dress I made after Mistress Sophia Kress’s German garb class. This dress is inspired by the Ausberg Panels showing the four seasons. This is from the April-June panel. You can see the panels online here: http://www.dhm.de/ausstellungen/kurzweil/season.htm

I did not take work in progress photos of this dress but it is constructed in the same way as the 1513 Turquoise Dress – though it has a different neckline, of course.

The dress is made of orange linen. It has brown gards on the bodice. I did not put brown gards on the skirt because I didn’t see very many dresses with skirt gards in the Augsberg dresses. There is no untergoller seen in the inspiration photo but I’m wearing one with whitework on the collar.

The green linen goller is a separate outer piece that is optional. Also, it should be made of wool.

Part of my dress diary is to show the mistakes as well as the successes so that you all can learn along with me. As you can see from the photo below, my bustline is taxing the hook and eye closures. On the blue wool dress, I increased the number of hooks and eyes. It worked. The blue dress closes much better.

Kingdom of Atlantia A&S 2012

Inspiration dress

Layer 1 – Hemd

The pouch does not appear with the inspiration photo, however it is seen very often in the German single-leaf woodcuts book. I made one for my garb because I needed a way to carry my wallet.  This pouch is a roof of concept pattern and therefore machine sewn. The next purse that I make for myself will be hand-sewn.I made my pattern for this leather pouch based on several drawings in Purses in Pieces (PiP). Figures 57 & 58 gave me the shape of the body. Figure 33a gave me the shape of the pouchlets. The information from PiP was not a pattern. I had to create my own.I had intended to give a class in how to make this purse since I hadn’t found anyone who teaches how to make it. However, it was so difficult to put together, I’m having second thoughts about teaching it.

Holiday Faire 2011 – The brown capelet was an existing accessory that I remade from a wool capelet whose fur lining was much too fluffy. I removed the fur lining, cut the cape down (it was too large) and lined it with brown linen. The edge is decorated with fur, hand-stitched down. I have to say that it was quite comfortable even though it was 32 degrees on site in the morning.

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  1. Tami says:

    Your pictures seem to be broken?

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