Who is Amie Sparrow?

Amie Sparrow is a researched persona that allows me to consider what a woman in Elizabethan England would be in contact with, in terms of material goods (wardrobe, food, living space), education (including writing, reading, politics), travel, and so on.

Amie Sparrow was created about 10 years ago when I was interested in 16th century England. Lately, my interest has shifted to early 16th century Germany. I don’t have an interest in changing my persona at this time because of the paperwork involved. So, for now, Amie Sparrow is going to have to be a time traveler.

Why Elizabethan England and Early 16th Century Germany?

My interest in Elizabethan England is based on the clothing of the period. I’ve been a costumer all my life but I didn’t understand enough of the period to do historic costuming. When I started the SCA, I had already made an Anne Boleyn dress out of all the wrong materials. At one of my first universities, I attended a lecture by Mistress Isobel Beddingford on Elizabethan garb. My path for the next few years was set. As the years have gone by, I have become increasingly interested with the embroidery associated with Elizabethan clothing. I have done a large amount of research on Elizabethan sweet bags.

My new area of focus — early 16th century German working women’s clothing (1500-1530) — has been a back-burner interest for years. However, until recently, I didn’t know anyone who had done deep research in the field. Luckily, I took a class from Mistress Sophia Kress and learned about German costuming. Now I am working through learning the basics of German dress construction which will give me a platform to continue with my own research.

Name and Arms Registration

  • Amie Sparrow (April 2003)
  • Vert, three sparrows and a chief engrailed argent. (October 2005)

SCA Affiliations

  • Local SCA branch = Barony of Stierbach in the Kingdom of Atlantia
  • Apprenticed to Master Tristan Alexander
  • Protegee of Mesterinde Karen Larsdatter

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