Women’s German Peasant Jacket (Expermient #1) – 1527

I am on a quest to make German women’s peasant jackets. The first jacket that I’m trying to make is this:

Vol.1, pg 125, Barthel Beham

Vol.1, pg 125, Barthel Beham, 1527

The bodice seemed like the hard part, so I made a toile out of my modified dress bodice to get the right shape.

The brown jacket below is a test jacket to see how skirting could be added to a bodice to get the look of the jacket.

After I determined from the second test jacket that the design would work, I cut out the first real jacket out of blue wool. The sleeves are extra long because they are going to be turned back into cuffs.

Blue wool jacket - in the process of being hand-sewn

Blue wool jacket – in the process of being hand-sewn

I started to sew the jacket with white linen thread but then I decided that I wanted to wear it to work, so I switched to a thread that matched the fabric since I didn’t know how good my stitching would be, which is kind of silly because I take very small stitches. Nevertheless, below is a photo of the backstitching that I am using to construct the jacket per the Medieval Tailor’s Assistant.

Front side

Side 1

Side 2

Side 2

July 7, 2013 – More progress on the Jacket
The photos below show the progress in my hand-sewn jacket adventure.

My next jacket, which I will start this week, will be for the Baroness of Stierbach. That jacket will still fit her properly when it comes time to take photos.


Hand-sewn jacket body waiting for the lining



Hand-sewn jacket lining waiting for the body



Jacket body and lining pinned, waiting to be hand-sewn


Peasant Jacket July 7

Yours truly modeling a jacket that no longer fits due to weight loss

AttachSkirt2Attaching the skirt with hand stitching.



Sergeants and Scholars 2014

Sergeants and Scholars 2014

Sergeants and Scholars 2014

Sergeants and Scholars 2014

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