I’ve written a few articles since I’ve been in the SCA.

The Bull, Newsletter for the Barony of Stierbach

  1. “Known World Heraldic & Scribal Symposium Trip Report,” The Bull, June 2004
  2. “Flowers and Their Renaissance Symbolism,” The Bull, Vol. 10 Issue XI November 2007

Tournaments Illuminated

  1. “Sweet Bags and Pin Cushions,” Tournaments Illuminated, Fourth Quarter 2007
  2. “Disguises: Book Bag & Book Covers” (with Martha Fletcher), Tournaments Illuminated, Second Quarter 2010
  3. “Camp Furniture Covers,” Tournaments Illuminated, Fourth Quarter 2010
  4. “Quest Article: Tips for Embroidery” (editor), Tournaments Illuminated, Third Quarter 2011
  5. “Manesse Codex Headwear,” Tournaments Illuminated, Issue #181, First Quarter  2012

Complete Anachronist

  1. “A Survey of Late 16/Early 17the Century Embroidered Jackets” Complete Anachronist Issue # 160, July 2013
  2. “German Peasant Clothing 1510-1540” Complete Anachronist Issue # 168, July 2015

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