New Arts & Sciences posts in honor of Pennsic A&S Display today

As promised, I have updated my blog/website with new A&S posts in honor of the yearly Pennsic A&S display which I am missing this year:

– Under “Jamestown ‘Jane’ coif,” I posted the documentation I wrote for the Smithsonian for the Jamestown “Jane” Coif that I made for the Museum of Natural History last year.

– Under “German Dress Diaries”:
“1570 Jacket.” This is a partial posting about the jacket only. I still have to make the dress and hat.

– “1584 Dress and Jacket.” By the time I photographed this for the website, I had lost more weight so the garments are too big on me, so please don’t judge the fit!

– Under “16th Century England,” I posted my Complete Anachronist manuscript “A Survey of Late 16th / Early 17th Century Embroidered Jackets” with updates.

I’ve got two more German jackets to post about but neither has been photographed so they’ll have to wait.

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