More Photos from Chalice/Coronation 2015

Here are two more photos from Chalice/Coronation 2015 taken by John J. Mikucki who is a professional photographer. Alina brought him to the event, it was his first SCA outing!

Me and My Crossbow

Me and My Crossbow

_N0Q1395-Edit-Kim photo by John

My and Alina

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Claude Moore Colonial Farm Park

I went to Claude Moore Colonial Farm Park today for their market fair. Here’s a photo of my friend Karen who made her own outfit.


Karen Harris

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Freydal Dress Diary Posted

I finished the Freydal Dress. The dress diary is posted here:



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Fall Coronation 2015 Dress in Progress

I am making a dress based on a Freydal woodcut from 16th century Germany.

Freydal Dress in Progress

Freydal Dress in Progress

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Instructions for Anglo-Saxon Ring Pouch Class

This weekend I taught Kaleeb the Green-Eyed’s Anglo-Saxon Ring Pouch class at Battle on the Bay. I wrote additional instructions for the class, which I’ve posted below:

Anglo-saxon ring pouch class

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Gollers for Mariss and Lydia – 2014 Project Closeout (In August 2015)

This weekend I’ve finally had some time to finish projects from my 2014 project list. Below are gollers for Mariss Ghijs (blue) and Lydia (gold).

Blue Goller for Mariss

Blue Goller for Mariss, August 2015

Gold Goller for Lydia, August 2015

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Queen Esa’s Goller / Mariss Ghijs’s Embroidery

This is a German goller made by me. The embroidery was done by Mariss Ghijs. The yellow wool was dyed by Baroness Kaleeb the Green-Eyed.

HRM Esa's Cape

HRM Esa’s Cape

Closeup of Esa's arms

Closeup of Esa’s arms

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