Baroness Karin Taylor de Cameron’s Investiture Dress and Landsknecht Shorts

After taking a break for nearly a year, I came back to sewing with a vengeance. When Karin was selected to be the Baroness, I offered to make her investiture dress. I spent about 50 hours on the design, construction, fittings, and finishing for both of Karin’s outfits.  I based her dress on the German woodcut below.

Here is the concept art. Notice that I made a tiny hat because she can’t wear the current coronet with a wulst.

The idea was to make her a mix and match outfit, where the bodice could be attached to either a skirt or shorts.

Long story short, I couldn’t make it work. So, I made a Landsknecht male top for her shorts.

Landsknecht Shorts


Tiny Hat

Finished Dress


Stepping Up

The Baronesses, Present and Past. Krista Joy Crosby made Karin’s shirt (hemd).

Wearing Landsknecht Shorts. I made all the shorts, codpieces, vests, and hats. I also made my own shirt.

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