KASF 2015 Persona Pentathlon Entry Posted

I spent a couple of years preparing an entry for the Persona Pentathlon for the Kingdom of Atlantia’s Kingdom Arts & Sciences Festival. Unfortunately, the weather scared me into not driving to the event, which was 5 hours away. The event is going on as I write this post and I regret not being there.

However, I have posted my KASF entry on my blog. It doesn’t count as part of the contest anymore but I think that it will help people who want to make German peasant clothing. I hope you find it useful.

Research Paper

German Pouch

German Women’s Jacket

Peasant Dress



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2 Responses to KASF 2015 Persona Pentathlon Entry Posted

  1. Rachel Law says:

    Excellent resource for German peasants’ clothes. Thank you so much for putting it together!

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