Please Update Your Website or Blog for a Virtual A&S Display – Part 2

What’s the number one type of A&S question that people ask after Pennsic? Let me paraphrase:

Lord Fancypants asks, “Did you see Lady Petunia Snodwell’s awesome display of curly-haired butterflies at Pennsic A&S? It was amazing! She’s really broken new ground in determining the texture and color of butterflies in 15th century London.”

I have personally overheard all these responses:

Lady Butterbritches replies “Nope, I didn’t get a chance to make to the A&S display. It was too <hot/cold/rainy> and I needed to rest.”

Lord Bigus Bitsus asks, “Was that today? I guess I missed it.”

Lady Tensile of Castle Strength replies sadly, “I couldn’t find the venue.”

Lord Rhinohide says gruffly, “I had a conflict with heavy weapons practice.”

The wonderful thing about Pennsic is that there’s a lot to do. The horrible thing about Pennsic is that there’s a lot to do and everyone is so busy, many folks can’t make it to the display.

How do you solve the issue of your finest hour being missed by your friends, frenemies, and the general public? Update your website or blog before you go to Pennsic. Then, when someone tells you that they missed the A&S display because <insert reason here> happened, you can whip out your business card with your URL on it, press it into the Lord or Lady’s hand and say, “You are in luck! I updated my project blog/website just before Pennsic. Go take a look!”

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