Please Update Your Website or Blog for a Virtual A&S Display – Part I

Many people cannot go to Pennsic for a variety of reasons: money, time, distance, or logistics. Missing Pennsic for any reason is a bummer, especially when the greatest of all A&S gatherings in the Known World takes place on the middle weekend. The Pennsic A&S display lets artists with that special brand of dedication and crazy show off their works of art to the populace. The A&S display is my favorite activity at Pennsic.

This year, I registered for the display space and then determined that my schedule would only allow for an overnight visit to Pennsic. It would be a five hour drive to the event on Saturday, an overnight in a hotel on Saturday night, the display on Sunday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., and then a five hour drive home on Sunday night. Back to work on Monday feeling worn-out.

It got me to thinking…perhaps the time would be better spent participating in another way. My idea is simple. Instead of spending 10 hours on the road, $140 in gas money, $145 for a hotel room, and $260 gate fees, I could spend that time updating my blog to document the items that I would have brought to the event.

But wait, I could go one better. What if I spend that time updating my blog before Pennsic with the goal of having my blog updated so people could read about my projects on August 3rd just as if I was at Pennsic A&S?

If even 20 non-Pennsic SCAdians made a dedicated effort to upload our A&S photos and text before the A&S display, maybe we could spend those unused Pennsic hours on August 3rd perusing everyone else’s new materials online. Think of it as a virtual A&S Display! (Heck, I could even use that $545 to throw a website viewing party!)

How do we make this happen? Give me the URL of your blog or website and I will post it to the Atlantian Facebook group, Atlantian Announcements list and the Merry Rose at 11:59 p.m. on August 2nd to let people know who’s got new a fabulous stuff to look at on August 3rd.

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5 Responses to Please Update Your Website or Blog for a Virtual A&S Display – Part I

  1. Kat Ferneley says:

    I have a much-neglected blog; this sounds like the perfect excuse to fire it back up and show people what I’ve been working on…

  2. KellyK says: (I’ll be at Pennsic, but I’m putting it on my calendar to post before I leave.)

  3. blimey! I hadn’t realised you paid to go to events in the states! I mean, I do quite a few for fun and don’t get paid to attend, but that’s more than made up for events I get good money for. It’s really expensive as well. I think this is yet another reason the SCa will never catch on in any big way in england, we’d never pay that kind of money

  4. Amie Sparrow says:

    Pennsic is the most expensive event for the year. Most events range from $8-$10 and are day trips. Most events are cheaper than going to the movies and they last all day.

  5. Jaume says:

    I’m Lord Jaume de Monçó, I blog at, and I hereby pledge to post a nifty (at least to me) project right around the start of August.

    My blog is mostly me info-dumping the basics about a variety of bits here and there that I feel like we should all know, almost all of it around period folk culture. (And some out-of-period, too; my historical interests also encompass things a little later than the year 1600.) But it’s also where I sporadically post about my real research projects within that subject area, like the time I reconstructed the rules for a late-period form of tennis I found described in an obscure Latin dialogue, and the Spanish broadside ballads I translate.

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