Elizabethan Jackets Compleate Anachronist in July

I should have written about this days ago when I found out. My issue of the Compleate Anachronist has gone to print and it should be distributed in July to SCAdians who have a subscription. It is also for sale via the Compleate Anachronist website http://www.sca.org/ca/ though I don’t expect the website will be updated until early August.

This issue will be most helpful to the beginner who wants to get a good background in the jackets that are out there. In other words, it will save you a lot of research time! I hate it when people are constantly re-inventing the wheel.

It talks about the shapes of the jackets and the materials. It does not teach you how to embroider. There are already many books out there that can teach you that!

In short, it is research that I wish had been available to me when I became interested in Elizabethan jackets. That’s pretty much the motivation for a lot of my writing, to share information that I wish had existed when I started looking into a subject.

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4 Responses to Elizabethan Jackets Compleate Anachronist in July

  1. Cathlin says:

    I can’t wait to see this! Very exciting!

  2. Elin Berg says:

    Oh, I need this! I don’t suppose there is any possibility of purchasing this as an electronic version, i.e. a .pdf? I’m sitting here far away in Sweden and it would be extremely convenient 😀

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