New Project – German Peasant Jackets

Now that all my outstanding obligations to other people are done, I have time to start working on my real love, researching 1520-30s German garb from the single-leaf woodcuts. I love jackets and I have fallen in love with the idea of making German peasant jackets. There are designs to figure out and I started today. The inspiration for my first project is pictured below.

Vol.1, pg 125, Barthel Beham

Vol.1, pg 125, Barthel Beham, 1527

To me, this jacket looks like it could be made with a basic body block, regular sleeves made long enough to turn back, and a gathered peplum. However, it’s possible that the jacket could be made similar to an 18th century short jacket. I’ll try out both possibilities in both wool and linen.

The first toile and pattern are shown below.



My ultimate goal is to make a jacket that can be worn both to SCA events and to work.

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